Delivery Information

  • Goods will be delivered to a physical address which must be selected during the online ordering process.
  • We provide shipping on all orders worldwide. Deliveries will be performed by a professional courier company engaged by SQ Business Solution.
  • Tracking number will be sent to your email when the package ships. You can track your delivery status via the URL provided in email.


Postage Information:



Flyer / Leaflet / Hand Fan / Synthetic Card / Paper Folder / Invitation Card

A5  80gsm-157gsm 4000pcs/ctn
A5  210gsm-260gsm 2000pcs/ctn
A5  310gsm 1000pcs/ctn
A4  80gsm-157gsm 2000pcs/ctn
A4  210gsm-260gsm 1000pcs/ctn
A4  310gsm 1000pcs/ctn
A4x3  80gsm-157gsm (Without Folding) 500pcs/pack
A4x3  80gsm-157gsm (With Folding) 500pcs/ctn
A4x3  210gsm-260gsm 250pcs/pack
A4x3  310gsm 250pcs/pack
A4x4  80gsm-157gsm (Without Folding) 500pcs/pack
A4x4  80gsm-157gsm (With Folding) 500pcs/ctn
A4x4  210gsm-260gsm 250pcs/pack
A4x4  310gsm 250pcs/pack
A3  80gsm-157gsm 1000pcs/ctn
A3  210gsm-260gsm 500pcs/ctn
A3  310gsm 500pcs/ctn
A2   80gsm-157gsm (Without Folding) 250pcs/pack
A2   80gsm-157gsm (With Folding) 500pcs/ctn
A2  210gsm-260gsm 100pcs/pack
A2  310gsm 100pcs/pack
A1&A1+  80gsm-157gsm 250pcs/pack
A1&A1+  210gsm-260gsm 100pcs/pack
A1&A1+  310gsm 100pcs/pack
Synthetic card(95mmx95mm) 1000pcs/ctn
PP Folder 250pcs/ctn
Hand Fan 250pcs/ctn
Envelope 500pcs/ctn
Letter Head 2000pcs/ctn
Invitation card 1000pcs/ctn
Paper  folder 100pcs/ctn
Tent Card 1000pcs/ctn
Gift Box 1000pcs/ctn


























- Our delivery need additional one day for delivery after production of goods.
- All delivery prices are based on carton (applicable for A3,A4,A5 leaflet and brochure product).

- Booklet are subject to custom quote.

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